"HR links and job distribution...best of both worlds!" - University of Central Arkansas

The most elite job service for finding diverse candidates!

Our Focus is a Qualified Pool!


Since 2006, our niche has been simple - find the best, diverse candidates.  MFADJobs has built relationships with over 1,600 Minority Academic and Professionals Associations who channel applicants to employment opportunities. 

No Job Posting Fatigue!


The average HR office sends approximately 15-20 updates per month to job posting services. Applicants are not bombarded with daily postings as our new posting notices are issued every other Wednesday only. 

Reasonable Pricing!


MFADJobs is the only job posting service in the country with over 95,000 registered diverse candidates. We send them notices of our new job posting institutions every two weeks. 

MFADjobs: Inside the Numbers

How Effective is Using MFAD?

MFAD receives over 15,000 hits per month!

Each MFAD Institution receives a report exampled below every three months:*

Number of people who received the jobs (confirmed): 64,394

Number of people who accessed your HR site/job from the link provided in the e-blasts (every Wednesday): 17,662

Average time people spent reviewing postings: 21 minutes

Region who most viewed the jobs issued (ranking):

1) West - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: 


2) Midwest -highest state open percentage: Ranking order: OH, MI, TN

3) South - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: 


4) North - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: 


5) International - Ranking Order: England, South Africa, Dominican Republic

Self-Reported Ethnicity (percentages who viewed openings):

66% African American/Black

29% Hispanic/Latino

5% Other

Click/View Ranking: 

Positions are approx. 11.6% above our national average of position "clicks."

Number of Hot Job e-Blasts: 46*  

*Hot Job e-blasts are emails sent to our entire database each Wednesday and Friday

4 Types of Elite Job distribution Packages


MFAD Bronze Package

Individual jobs can be posted for a 30-day period at the cost of $265 per posting.  After the 30-day term, you will have the option to renew your job posting for distribution.

MFAD Bronze Sign-Up

MFAD Silver Package

 Official HR Link Included: Yes 

Job Circulation: 25,000 potential candidates

Advertisement: 10 positions per year

Cost:  $2,400

MFAD Silver Sign-Up

MFAD Gold Package

Official HR Link Included: Yes 

Job Circulation: 50,000 potential candidates

Advertisement: 25 positions per year

Cost:  $5,000

MFAD Gold Sign-Up

MFAD Platinum Package

 Official HR Link Included: Yes 

Job Circulation: 92,000 potential candidates

Advertisement: Unlimited positions per year

Cost:  $9,200

MFAD Platinum Sign-Up