K-12 Minority Teacher/Staff Recruitment Consulting

The strength in our consulting program is developing techniques with each client to sustain immediate and long-term aspects to successful recruitment of K-12 teachers, staff and administrators.

1-Year Consulting consists of the following:  

Two 2-hour campus workshops  on the following topics:

1) Strategies in Recruiting Minority Teachers, Staff and Administrators

2) Addressing Diversity Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity

Also included in the consulting package:

  • Assistance in the development of a recruitment marketing brochure and a series of postcards
  • Inclusion Assessment Meeting (Faculty & Staff Roundtable)
  • Establishing Applicant Feeder Programs with Minority-Serving Institutions (HBCUs, HSIs & Tribals)
  • Developing National and Regional Partnerships with Minority Professional/Academic Organizations 

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