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Strength in diverse numbers!


Since 2006, our niche has been simple - find the best, diverse candidates.  MFADJobs has built relationships with over 1,600 Minority Academic and Professionals Associations who channel applicants to employment opportunities. 

Reasonable Pricing and Rapid Posting Speed!


MFADJobs is the only job posting service in the country with over 95,000 registered diverse candidates. We send them notices of our new job posting institutions every three days. There is no larger diversity network! 

Option 1: 45-day single job posting


Your job will be posted and distributed through our entire network for 45-days.  The position will also be distributed every Wednesday via our "Hot e-Jobs" system.

Clients will have the option of renewing the posting for another 45-days. 

Cost: $265 per posting

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option 2: Unlimited job postings annually


Become a MFADJobs Member

Cost: $1,200 per year for unlimited job postings *

*(averages to only $100 per month)

As a MFADJobs Member Institution, you will receive:

1) Your own MFAD page where you can post jobs

2) Jobs  sent to our entire database  through the "Hot e-Jobs" each Wednesday

3) Quarterly analysis/statistical report on who is viewing your jobs

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