2019-2020 GDR Q&A


We are excited to announce a name change to GDR! The new name is 
The 2019-2020 Graduate Diversity Recruitment Brochure (GDR)!

What this means?

This means your GDR advertisement will run for the Summer (2019), Fall (2019) and Spring (2020). No longer will there be a distinction of Fall GDR or Spring GDR. One publication covers the entire year! 

Does the advertising cost change?

Absolutely not, the cost will remain only $365 (averages to $121 each distribution)! GDR has become the most affordable and circulated digital publication for graduate admissions programs seeking diverse applicant pools. GDR Brochure hits totaled 78,354 from September 2018 through Jan. 2, 2019!

What are the three digital distribution dates to potential candidates?

June 18, 2019September 9, 2019January 20, 2020

Why are you adding a Summer distribution?
Based on our 2018-2019 poll of nearly 11,000 potential candidates, applicants begin gathering information on graduate programs during the summer - with them applying throughout the Fall and the next Spring. The GDR brochure will catch them earlier in their consideration. 

What is the submission deadline for the 2019-2020 GDR Brochure?
Since our first digital distribution is June 18th, final ads are due in pdf format by May 28th. Completed ads are sent via email to info@academicnetworkinc.com.

Can institutions update their ads if they wish to have different ones run each time?
Yes. You may submit new ads each digital distribution. We ask that your update be provided two weeks prior to the digital distribution date. 

How can I reserve/renew my 2019-2020 ad space?
As we are anticipating another sold out GDR, we encourage you to at least reserve your ad space early. You may submit the final ad by the above deadline. Secure your ad space early by sending us an email at info@academicnetworkinc.com

What is planned for the future of GDR? 
Plenty! GDR has become so popular with candidates that we are in talks for it to have its own website by late Fall 2019 - with discussion forums, school profiles, instructional webinars for applicants, financial aid tips, etc. This avenue will allow potential candidates to do "one-stop-shopping" as they consider their graduate/professional school options. Stay tuned!

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