Campus Workshops

Strategies in Minority Faculty/Staff Recruitment

Topics include:

Building HBCU/HSI Faculty/Staff Applicant Feeders

Creating Effective Job Descriptions
Developing Diversity Statements

Addressing Unconscious Bias

Creating Marketing Materials 

Finding External Funding for Diverse Recruitment

Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training

Topics include:

Focusing Composition of the Selection Committee

The "3/3/5" Method of Candidates Evaluation

Implementing the Diversity Goals of the Committee

Creating Faculty Descriptions 

Structuring Campus Interviews to Preserve Inclusion​

Strategies in Recruiting Graduate Minority Students

Topics include: 

Building College and University Applicant Feeders

Developing Digital Publications 

Exploring Government Funding for Initiatives

Connecting with Professional/Academic Associations

Incorporating Other Departments in Recruiting

Converting Admits to Enrolled Students (Retention Yield)​​

Diversity Awareness Training for Colleges and Universities

Topics include:​

Developing a Progressive Diversity Infrastructure
Enhancing Cultural Outreach with Students, Faculty and Staff

Evaluating Stereotypes and the Impact on Awareness

Strategies in Partnering with Campus and Local Community Organizations 

Making Your Commitment Visible on Campus

Applying Anti-Unconscious Bias Policies and Procedures

Campus Workshop Fee Structure:

2-Hour workshop: $3,000

4-Hour workshop: $6,000*

*covers all topics listed in each category

To inquire about schedule availability and booking, please contact our office at or by calling 661.522.1683.