Campus Workshops

Benefits of Campus Workshops:

  1. Unlimited attendees per institution
  2. Comprehensive evaluation of topics
  3. Flat rate based on duration of workshop
  4. Customized format/agenda
  5. Extensive Q&A Session and recap discussions


3-hour workshop format

Topic: Strategies in Recruiting Minority Faculty and Staff

Areas of concentration:

  1. Building HBCU/HSI Faculty/Staff Applicant Feeders
  2. Creating Effective Job Descriptions 
  3. Developing Diversity Statements
  4. Addressing Unconscious Bias
  5. Creating Marketing Materials 
  6. Finding External Funding for Diverse Recruitment


5-hour campus workshop format

All topics listed in 3-hour workshop, plus  Selection Committee Diversity Development:

Areas of concentration:

  1. Focusing Composition of the Selection Committee
  2. The "3/3/5" Method of Candidates Evaluation
  3. Implementing the Diversity Goals of the Committee
  4. Creating Faculty Descriptions 
  5. Structuring Campus Interviews to Preserve Inclusion


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