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Strategies in Recruiting Minority Faculty & Staff


3-Hour Training Includes:

  • Building HBCU/HSI Faculty/Staff Applicant Feeders
  • Creating Effective Job Descriptions 
  • Developing Diversity Statements
  • Addressing Unconscious Bias
  • Creating Marketing Materials 
  • Finding External Funding for Diverse Recruitment

 Campus Format: Unlimited Attendees from Your Institution
Cost: $7,500

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Selection Committee Diversity Training and Development


3-Hour Workshop includes:

  • Focusing Composition of the Selection Committee
  • The "3/3/5" Method of Candidates Evaluation
  • Implementing the Diversity Goals of the Committee
  • Creating Faculty Descriptions 
  • Structuring Campus Interviews to Preserve Inclusion

 Campus Format: Unlimited Attendees from Your Institution 

Cost: $7,500

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leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors


3-Hour Training includes:

  1. Leading and Managing Your Team Effectively
  2. Developing Office Communication & Engagement
  3. Dealing with Office Employee Conflict 
  4. Leading Focus Groups to Gather Productive Insight
  5. Training Other Employees to Lead

Campus Format: Unlimited Attendees from Your Institution 

Cost: $7,500

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 3-Hour Training Includes: 

  • Evaluating the 3-Phases of Your Workday
  • Creating Realistic Expectations and Managing Your Workload
  • Performing at a High Level of Production in a Challenging Environment

Campus Format: Unlimited Attendees from Your Institution

Pricing: $7,500

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Enhancing Your New Employee Onboarding


Onboarding is not just about completing paperwork! 

It's about engaging new hires!

Let's discuss the development of an effective onboarding program for new employees. Our focus is three areas - Pre-Onboarding, OnBoarding and Post-Onboarding.  We will work closely with your Human Resource team in organizing a program for talent orientation, retention and workplace productivity.

3-Hour Training

Pricing: $7,500

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The Higher Education Public Speaking crash course


From workshop presentations to campus meetings, over 80% of academic professionals are apprehensive about speaking in public. The course describes how to master public speaking in an academic setting and translating ideas into a strategy.

3-Hour Training Includes:

  • Analyzing and Connecting with Your Audience
  • Developing, Organizing and Researching Your Speech Topic
  • Overcoming Fear and Maintaining Your Focus in a Presentation
  • Using Presentation Aids to Enhance Messaging
  • Before the Curtain: Methods of Effective Speech Practice

Campus Format: Unlimited Attendees from Your Institution

Cost: $7,500

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2-Day campus inclusion focus groups


About the Inclusion Assessment

The Inclusion Assessment Meetings are aimed at producing effective dialogue on diversity, inclusion and equity on campus between students, faculty/staff and administrators. 

After the meetings, we will produce an extensive proposal detailing the avenues of discussion with the various groups. We develop a detailed assessment on the strengths of the campus environment and how it can improve in areas which could inhibit institutional effectiveness. The evaluation will provide immediate and long-term "strike points" which could provide a landscape for open communication between campus entities. 


Day One Meeting: Faculty, Staff and Administrators

In these sessions, we discuss the campus climate as it related to dialogue between academic departments and the connection with students of color. We focus on areas of communication in the classroom, working with student organizations and developing strategies in cross-cultural relationships. 


Day Two: Undergraduate/Graduate Students of Color

In theses sessions, we discuss the relationships between students of color  and faculty/staff inside and outside the classroom We also focus on developing comprehensive communication on the topics of academic advising, diversity recognition, avenues of conflict-resolution and campus engagement.

Cost of Campus Inclusion Focus Group (2-Day): $17,000

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Brown University


"One of the best professional development opportunities I've ever taken."

Auburn University


"Thank you for providing practical, realistic ideas and resources..."

University of Michigan


"Mr. Shropshire has all the qualities you want in a presenter" 

St. Charles Community College


"Thank you for providing practical, realistic ideas and resources for our good work in diversifying our campus faculty and staff!  Keep me posted on any and all other programs/resources you may offer down the road."

New York University


"Using your techniques allowed us to develop strategies based on our specific mission and challenges."

University of Tennessee


"Thank you for your fresh insights and providing a good learning and sharing opportunity. I really value the experience, and I’m eager to begin implementing some of the material learned."