The Academic Network

Minority Recruitment is Our Expertise!

The Academic Network, Inc. is recognized as one of the top academic diversity recruitment firms in the country. Our primary mission is to assist colleges and universities in locating, recruiting and retaining minority faculty, staff, administrators and students, as well as providing diversity awareness training.

Since 2006, our company has developed recruitment strategic plans for over 445 academic institutions and conducted 716 campus workshops reaching nearly 33,000 members in higher education. 

Minority Faculty/Staff

Establish strategies on recruiting diverse faculty and staff in higher education 

Graduate Minority Student

Develop ways in increasing applicants from diverse candidates for graduate programs.

Minority Job Database (MFAD)

Advertise Jobs to over 75,000 people in the Minority Faculty Applicant Database.

K-12 School District

Create effective recruitment strategies to attract diverse K-12 teachers/staff.

On-Campus Workshops

Bring one of our diversity workshops to your campus for an in-depth conversation.

Diversity Certifications

Learn via our 6-week, online, SHRM certified course about diverse recruitment.